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ASTAR 好健康 草本健康補給飲 Vita+ 提供身體所需要的營養素,達至最良好的健康狀態 15包/10ml 台灣製

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Vita + 草本健康補給飲

●含有西藍花芽、冬蟲夏草、紅藻、西印度櫻桃、酵母萃取物(含維生素B群) 、柚子籽、深海礦物質和牛磺酸。
●使用專利Double Nutri™ 科技製造,讓水溶性與脂溶性成分得以相容協和,也能增強其生物利用率(5倍更佳的吸收)。

A botanical beverage containing naturally-occurring nutrients to supplement body’s nutritional needs for optimal health and well-being.
With broccoli sprout, cordyceps militaris, haematococcus pluvialis, acerola cherry, yeast extract (contain vitamin B complex), yuzu seed, deep ocean minerals and taurine.
Contains 29 naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals.
Using patented Double Nutri™ technology which allows the incorporation of both water and oil soluble ingredients, and for enhanced bioavailability (5 times better absorption).

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