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ASTAR 好健康 明亮素 Goji Berry Drink Plus 10包/4g 台灣製

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Goji Berry Drink Plus



成人: 每日1至2包,餐後食用。
孩童: 每日½ 至1 包,餐後食用。

A delicious cocoa flavoured herbal blend combining ingredients beneficial for vision as recorded in Compendium of Masteria Medica - Goji Berry (wolfberry), Calendula, Blueberry and Chrysanthemum.
Naturally contains beta-carotene, lutein and anthocyanin.
Developed by Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan using patented technology for higher concentration and better absorption.
The nano-sized active ingredients can be directly absorbed through sublingual and oral mucosa - this rapidly enters the circulatory system and reaching the related location for faster results and greater efficacy.
Suitable for students, office workers especially for those spending long hours working with computer, or frequently using handphone and digital gadgets and the elderly.

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