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Kissy如吻科技功能內衣由韓國瑪麗兒內衣公司監製,製作工廠亦有為知名品牌代工,品質有一定的保證。 品牌旗下產品集合舒適、科技於一身,帶給客人自由的感覺和健康,特別關注女性乳房健康。Kissy如吻如今已於中國、香港、台灣、馬來西亞有知名度,更是好評如潮的商品。 

Kissy seamless functional bra is monitored by Marie Underwear Company (translated name) in Korea, the factory helped a lot of famous brand to produce underwear, can guarantee the quality. Kissy products aim on comfortable and technological, bringing freedom and health for ladies, especially concerns the health of breasts. Now, Kissy products are well-known in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and keep receiving positive comments.

👄KISSY如吻 科技內衣

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